January Questions

I found the image below on Pinterest and it linked through to a website about journalling and had a year’s worth of questions (click here to visit website). I thought I’d answer the January ones as I way of sharing bit more about myself. It’s a helpful writing prompt if anyone is interested. I’d love to know your answers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 17.46.50

Those are the questions, and here are my answers:

  1. What is your number one goal this year? To complete 40% of my novel.
  2. What are you most grateful for? My family. 
  3. Are you content? Yes.
  4. What is your best memory of last year? Travelling around the US and Canada.
  5. What was the last major accomplishment you had? Cutting ties with the last few negative relationships. 
  6. What possession could you not live without? My notebook.
  7. Can people change? Yes.
  8. What is the last “good” thing you ate? I’m assuming “good” means healthy so I’ll say avocado and black bean sushi.
  9. What is your current favourite snack? Banana.
  10. What made you smile today? My cat behaving like a brat (but looking cute while he did it.)
  11. What’s your favourite accessory? My watches … obsessed with watches.
  12. What is making you mad?  Western society’s focus on the superficial. 
  13. What did you have for dinner today? That was my avocado and black bean sushi. Yum!
  14. What did you get done? My gym workout.
  15. Who last called you on the phone? My cousin. 
  16. Who are you in love with? No one at the moment.
  17. What are you grateful for? A safe, loving home.
  18. The best part of today was… beating my personal best on the rowing machine. 
  19. My current favourite website is… Brainpickings.org
  20. What was the hardest thing you’re dealing with? That question is hard to answer because it switches from past to present tense. Haha, sorry grammar nazi! (But it’s important because otherwise there is confusion.) The hardest thing I was dealing with was ending some destructive relationships. Now the hardest I’m dealing with is staying focussed on my writing goals. 
  21. Today I wish I had more… energy. 
  22. Tomorrow will be better because… I’m working on improving myself every day. 
  23. What made today unusual? Going to the gym in the afternoon instead of the morning. 
  24. What are you looking for from life? Inner peace.
  25. What is your favourite thing to drink? At the moment it’s Russian caravan tea. So comforting in this chilly weather. 
  26. Today the temperature was… 1 degree celsius. 
  27. How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went? £45. 
  28. Tomorrow I will… write. 
  29. What was your last major purchase? My black over the knee boots. Love them!
  30. My house is a home because… my family lives there. 
  31. Who is the last person to tell you they loved you? My mum.

2 thoughts on “January Questions

  1. haha, yeah I’ll have to remember this one rowing machine victory because it’s the boss of me most of the time! So tiring! Arms AND legs!!?!?! It’s just ridiculous! 🙂 But, getting a little better every day. Thanks for commenting!


  2. Fantastic job on the rowing machine! You show it who’s boss. : )

    I love your answer for #22 by the way. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I tell my self “tomorrow will be better”. It will because I will be better myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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