Two-toned gift wrapping

Well Christmas season is over and we are straight into birthdays in my house. It’s mum’s birthday this week so I’ve been making plans. She is a crazy-obsessed Luther fan so I bought her the dvd box sets. At the moment she has them all on record on the tv and basically, it’s taking up valuable recording space for more important things … like the shows I watch.

Tip 1: Always a good idea to buy presents for selfish reasons 🙂

Here’s the two-toned wrapping idea I tried:


I found two wrapping papers I liked and couldn’t choose between them so decide to use both.  (excuse my apple product placement in the background there!)

I taped the first paper a third of the way down to hold it in place and then wrapped as normal.

Quick aside: How good looking is he?!?!

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 16.33.31

No wonder mum likes this show. Ok, moving on…

I placed the second sheet over the top and used a little bit of tape to secure it and continued wrapping.

You’ll notice at the back there’s a bit of overhang where the paper over laps but that doesn’t matter because I glued ribbon over it. Normal pritt stick works (not sure what’s it’s called in American) 😀

Et voila!

2016-01-08 17.39.01




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