Yoga moments

I’ve recently returned to yoga after several months of not practicing.I struggled through class, tiring while holding the poses. I had to come out of them and sit back in child’s pose to recover, unable to perform some of the poses I used to find so simple.

Brain: “Ok, so we sweep the arms up above the head, then crouch down into a seated position, and … oh, we seem to stopping here. Um, Legs, we are meant to get down lower than this.”

Legs: “No.”

Brain (rather startled by Legs’ tone): “Uh, well, um, we used to do this … remember? We would squat down low and hold it for five breaths. Remember doing that?”

Legs: “Yeah, we don’t do that anymore.”

Brain: “Oh, ok … er … we still have quite a few poses left before the class is over. Do you think you’ll be doing any of them?”

left leg and right leg confer 

Legs: Nah.

Brain sighs in defeat



4 thoughts on “Yoga moments

  1. XD

    I know those feelz. When I went to my yoga class last week and got into my first downward dog my arms were like, “Hey… by the way… We hate you. I hope you were looking for suffering today instead of inner peace.”

    You’re in my thoughts. ^^

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