Boscastle: our favourite place in all of North Cornwall

The day started out as a bit of a disaster. This seems to be a running theme with Sophia and I on this holiday! Meh, it’s ok, we just suck at life that’s all. We had the whole day planned, a nice brunch out, a trip to the south coast, an afternoon tea in St Ives. Luckily, Sophia double checked the opening times for the place we were intending to visit for brunch and realised that it was closed on Sundays.


We tried to look up other places to go but breakfast doesn’t seem to be the done thing in Cornwall. Most places opened only for lunch and dinner. We found one place that was open and decided to take a chance … this is when the day got awesome!

We went to the Boscastle Farm Cafe. We were already excited by the time we arrived because it’s on the other side of Boscastle and we’d just driven through the village which is incredibly beautiful. We couldn’t wait to eat and get back down there to check out all the shops and walkways.

Of course then we arrived at the cafe and saw this:


This the spectacular view from the Boscastle Farm shop and it was a beautiful sunny, warm morning, perfect weather for outdoor dining. Suddenly we were in no rush to leave, wanting to sit there all day in the sunshine, taking in the scenery.

The food was the best we had the entire trip, and the staff were so friendly. Seriously, everybody must go here!

wpid-2015-09-10-10.14.46.jpg.jpg I ordered the vegetarian breakfast which was huge, delicious and well, just perfect. The coffee was yum too! Completely stuffed and enjoying the view, we noticed a board of walks in the local area and decided to walk down to Boscastle village and round the coast. Parking at the cafe is free so thought it was wise to take advantage of this luxury. The place was already starting to get busy. wpid-2015-09-10-10.14.21.jpg.jpg


We did the purple route, which has great views of the coast, then takes you round the look out point and through Boscastle village and back up to the cafe. It’s an easy walk and not far but I couldn’t say how it takes. We stopped constantly and wandered round the shops, had another coffee. All in all, we spent 4 hours walking around this stunning place.

All I can say is I am so glad that our other plans fell through because I can’t imagine a more beautiful place or a more wonderful day. If I travel to Cornwall again, I would definitely stay in Boscastle.

We stopped in the National Trust shop, which also has a lovely cafe but we were too tea and coffee’d out by that point, and picked up some lovely presents to take home. The souvenirs are actually quite lovely, not the usual cheap and tacky stuff. Spent a bit of money in there quite by accident (meant to be saving!) Oh well, it’s all for a good cause.

Bought these super cute cards from the National Trust shop
Bought a set of these super cute cards from the National Trust shop

We stopped in at the Boscastle pottery shop which had so many nice pieces, each one unique and hand made by Roger (the potter) and we watched him at work. He makes it look so easy!


I bought this pot to take home and also these lovely slate coasters that I bought from another shop in the village (can’t remember the name of it!)


Yeah, I’m going through a grey faze. Of course two days later we went for a walk round the slate quarry and there was slate everywhere. Probably could have got a million coasters for free. haha

Wait a second … is that a crumb in that photo? On my carpet? I must find that crumb. I must eradicate it. Now!

Gotta go …

[Photo credit: gettyimages and sevenyearsinadrawer]

10 thoughts on “Boscastle: our favourite place in all of North Cornwall

    1. It was the best day! Makes me smile just thinking about it. Definitely add it to the list! Boston’s a great place though… it was one of those places i visited and went “yeah, i could live here”. I felt quite at home almost instantly which is a rare feeling.

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    2. Boston is pretty great! There’s a lot to do. The cost of living is very high though. I haven’t done much traveling so I’ve really enjoyed seeing your posts. I can also relate to a lot of what you’ve written about mental health. I’m really glad I found your blog!


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