Walking from Treligga to Trebarwith

Our morning writing session completed, Sophia and I decided to walk around the beautiful Cornish coast and find some well deserved tea and scones. Well that was the plan anyway …

Let me begin by saying it was Sophia’s idea, her genius plan, and therefore all her fault.

Diligent as always, Sophia had sat down to read through all the pamphlets and maps of the area and found a 20 minute coastal walk which led to the next town. It had a beach and a cafe and sounded like a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Off we went, wandering through the field which we assumed led to the coastal path. Chit-chatting, stopping for photos, munching on sweets that were meant to last us the whole walk, we failed to notice the grass beneath us was getting longer and wilder, and that we’d been walking for over 40 minutes.

2015-09-04 07.07.58

As you can see, we were no where near the coast. We continued to amble through fields, trying to figure out how to get down to the coast and find the right path but only found dead ends and ended up in fields filled with grazing cows who just stared at us like we were lunatics. It was quite clear what they thinking and tutting to each other: Dumb tourists.

I swear one actually rolled its eyes at me.

Really didn’t need his judgement at that particular moment in time.

We found a little bridge leading to who knows where. So, naturally, we had to cross it. Don’t worry, there weren’t any trolls wanting payment for safe passage. We went through another field and snuck through a gap in the hedge rows. Now we hadn’t even the slightest clue where we were. Nice work, Sophia!

Luckily, we bumped into a local who gave us the directions to Trebarwith and told us to go down this path:


Down there? er … are you sure???

“Yes, yes, that’s the right way,” he said, and off he went (in the opposite direction, I might add).

… until finally the path opened up and revealed this:


20150903_141634 20150903_141138_001

We had a stroll on the beach and watch crazy 5 year olds run in and out of the freezing cold water happy as can be and then had a cream tea at the Strand Cafe to reward ourselves for an adventure well done.

We walked home via the main road.


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