Cornwall retreat

Well, I am off to Cornwall. I can’t wait! I haven’t been before (I know, I know, worst English person ever) but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. With so many references in books and poems I’ve read, not to mention films and tv shows, I’m excited to see it with my own eyes. Fingers crossed it inspires me as much as it has inspired other writers. 

I’m looking forward to sharing my trip with you all, so first things first. Let’s start with the packing. Needless to say, Sophia, my friend from Germany who is joining me on this trip, has been annoyingly german in her organisation and has been packed since Sunday.

Me however …

2015-09-01 21.29.44

Yeah, ok, so things are not going off to a great start. But don’t worry, it will all be thrown into the first bag I find and will arrive in Cornwall scrumpled and unwearable … while my toothbrush no doubt remains lonely and forgotten by the bathroom sink.

Why is it that you always forget to pack the most obvious things? Come on, I can’t be the only one who’s gone on holiday to Bali and forgotten to pack their bikini.

Anyway, I’m hoping Sophia doesn’t read any of this because I told her I was ready to go when she messaged me last night. She has as much of a distain for laziness as she has an adoration for organisation. Yeah, I don’t know why we are friends either.

Meh! Don’t have to pick her up from the airport for another four hours, I’ve got LOADS of time. Though perhaps I should hurry up with this post …

Of course having a holiday retreat in Cornwall with my friend is amazing, but better still is that since I will be away for my birthday, I have been allowed to have it early this year and was given my presents yesterday … and had cake!

Received a lot of great presents … books mostly.

51ISPLFOCpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I got Eleanor Roosevelt’s book ‘You learn by Living’ which I’ve been wanting to read for ages. Started reading it yesterday and I’m really enjoying it. She has a great attitude towards life, seems to have mastered that balance of joy and discipline. She makes a discipline out of bringing a sense of enjoyment and wonder to every experience she has. I’m sure I’ll be writing a blog post about it when I’m done reading.

I also received Virginia Woolf’s ‘A room of one’s own’, another I’ve been keen to read. Since Sophia and I are going to Cornwall, we’ve decided to read ‘To the Lighthouse’ together, a little holiday book club.

Yes. We are giant DORKS.

I haven’t read any of Virginia Woolf’s work. I admit I’ve started ‘To the Lighthouse’ a couple of times and only got a few pages in before I was distracted by another book. It didn’t grip me from the beginning but I’m determined to give it a proper go this week and I’ll let you know how I find it.

I also received what are quite possibly the best slippers ever made:2015-09-01 21.43.37
Pug slippers. With curly tails. And wagging tongues. 😍

This is somewhat of a working holiday for Sophia and I. We’ve both got a lot of writing and editing to do, but we always work well together – she forces me to do work. Plus I’m always more creative when I’m in a new environment so I’m looking forward to the working part of this trip as much as I am looking forward to holiday part.

And with this blog post done and dusted: Let the good times roll!

Anyone been to Cornwall before? Or is from there? Have any recommendations for places to go? 


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