Random things I learned in Cornwall

As is common when you travel, you encounter odd or unusual things. You meet different people, notice the differences of the place to where you come from, and pick up some interesting snippets of information. With that in mind, I’d thought I’d share 3 random facts I learnt on my week away. And by random, I really mean Random … Continue reading

Lessons from Eleanor Roosevelt’s “You learn by living”

It’s your life – but only if you make it so.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

I took a lot of insight from Eleanor Roosevelt’s book. Towards the end I lost interest a bit as she begins to focus more on politics, though her thoughts on this are worthy of a read – she makes some excellent points about our trend towards political apathy, something I am certainly guilty of.

I was surprised to find that the book offers a lot of advice on raising children and I wonder if it’s ever been recommended to people as a parenting book. It certainly has a lot of philosophical insight into raising children, if not practical information. Continue reading

The Terrace Tea Rooms, Port Isaac

There are few moments in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

– Henry James

 I have to be honest and say that I didn’t like Port Isaac much and wouldn’t recommend it as a place to go. Boscastle had much more to offer in terms of scenery and the food and shopping was of a much better quality. That being said, you have to go to Port Isaac for just one afternoon and go to the Terrace Tea Rooms. It is an absolutely fantastic place! Continue reading

Ian McEwan’s writing process and the activity of reading

If someone was playing tennis you wouldn’t walk onto the court and start engaging them in a conversation … I think reading is at least as important as playing tennis. 

– Ian McEwan

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Boscastle: our favourite place in all of North Cornwall

The day started out as a bit of a disaster. This seems to be a running theme with Sophia and I on this holiday! Meh, it’s ok, we just suck at life that’s all. We had the whole day planned, a nice brunch out, a trip to the south coast, an afternoon tea in St Ives. Luckily, Sophia double checked the opening times for the place we were intending to visit for brunch and realised that it was closed on Sundays.


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Vegan chocolate cake

It was my birthday this week and mum made a delicious chocolate cake. It was so good I wanted to share the recipe with you because I know it’s tricky finding good cake recipes when you’re vegan or gluten-free. Continue reading

My favourite Roald Dahl quotes

In honour of Roald Dahl Day, I’d thought I’d share some of my favourite Roald Dahl quotes. Some of them are about writing, others advice on how to have a great life, others are just funny.  Continue reading