Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor’s inspiring thoughts on the nature of forgiveness

I am not a poor person, I am a victorious human being, who has been able to rise above the pain, forgive the Nazis, not because they deserve it but because I deserve it.

… understand my forgiveness, that the victim has the right to be free. You cannot be free from what was done to you, unless you remove it from your shoulder as a daily burden of pain and anger.

Eva Kor spoke on BBC Radio about why she hugged the former Nazi Oskar Groning, as he stood in the dock accused of complicity to murder 300,000 people.

She had travelled to Lunenburg in Germany from the United States to testify against him and tell the court how she and her twin sister had been experimented on by Josef Mengele when they were in Auschwitz.

Listen to her talk here.


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