The Art of Showing Up

If you write a half hour a day it makes a lot of writing year by year. To be sure all day and every day you are waiting around to write that half hour a day.

– Gertrude Stein

I’ve struggled this entire week to feel inspired. Maybe it wasn’t that I was uninspired, but unmotivated. Who knows. Either way, I’ve struggled to write.  Continue reading

Sometimes, you just need to let it go and forgive

They’re human, they’re people, just like us sinners; why get angry and quarrel?

– Leo Tolstoy

Sometimes, people let you down. They disappoint you, make you feel disrespected, not wanted or appreciated, and leave you wondering why all your kindness is taken advantage of. Used, and forgotten.  Continue reading

Liebster Award Nomination … AND Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, what a great way to start February! [Side note: what happened to January? Are we really one month into 2015 already!?!?]

Now, we all know I’m next to useless. Here is yet another example of that: Back in November, I was very generously nominated for the Liebster Award by both Ally (My little piece of Quiet), and Warrior Freya. Continue reading